This Old House
For over 40 years, “This Old House” has brought the craft of home repair and renovation to life. Now, the original home improvement show comes to you 24 hours a day, so put on your tool belt and grab a hammer, because it’s time to get to work!
Pluto TV Home
Whether you’re looking to buy, flip, remodel, or make over, your house and your life, or you’re just in the mood for renovation wars, design miracles, life hacks, and architectural feats from across the world, you’ll find what you want to watch to make it happen on Pluto TV Home.
Tiny House Nation
Watch the hit shows behind the Tiny Home movement all day, every day, and travel the globe in search of unique tiny homes, 500 square feet or less.
BBC Home & Garden
Take a trip across the pond with the one channel bringing you the best in British home remodeling and garden cultivation.
Antiques Roadshow UK
That dusty old heirloom on your mantle might be worth a fortune, but an entire channel devoted to the world-famous British antiques and collectibles series is truly priceless. Watch “Antiques Roadshow” any time of day right here on Pluto TV.
Antiques Road Trip
Hit the road in a gorgeous classic car for a tour through Great Britain with two antiques experts as they search the local stores for treasures, competing with each other to see who can make the most at auction.
The channel of all things DIY, home improvement, decor, and more. From household tips and projects you can try yourself to the stories and experiences of experts, inspiration truly has a home in Home.Made.Nation.
Dabl is an over the air network featuring your favorite lifestyle experts! Watch The Martha Stewart Show, Essence of Emeril, Cesar 911, Escape to the Country, Kitchen Nightmares and more!
The Design Network
Home. Revealed. The Design Network delivers a different and unique perspective on all areas of the home. From organization to landscape design, entertaining and interiors - TDN focuses on style, how-to, and design choices beyond just the before and after.