Paramount+ Picks

Explore a special sampling of Paramount+ shows, including originals, Star Trek: Discovery and The Stand, as well as hits, like NCIS and Big Brother. Want access to live sports, breaking news and a mountain of entertainment? Get Paramount+ now.


Showtime Selects

Every great story starts with a singular voice. Showtime Selects offers a curated sampling of powerful dramas, outrageous comedies, and unexpected documentaries made by today’s most innovative creative talents.


TV Land Drama

A curated collection of some of television’s best dramas of all time, including shows like Silk Stalkings, Hunter and the groundbreaking 21 Jump Street starring Johnny Depp. It’s an eclectic collection of nail-biting, cliff-hanging classics! If you’re looking for action, intrigue and suspense, TV Land Drama is for you!


More TV Drama

Can’t get enough high-impact drama? Watch more primetime hits 24/7 right here.


Stories By AMC

Dive into the bold and inventive AMC shows you’ve come to love with Stories by AMC. Get access to fan favorites and discover new gems you may have missed.



The series that defined a generation is now on Pluto TV. Catch the drama of the original sensation, plus the spin-offs Melrose Place and 90210, any time you want.


Pluto TV Drama Life

Life is better with a little drama in it. Especially when it’s someone else’s. The parties, the fights, the hook ups, and the break ups never stop here on Pluto TV Drama Life.



The series that took over the world has come ashore on Pluto TV. If you’re looking for action, excitement, and running in slow motion, Baywatch is always here, 24 hours a day.



Class is in session! Get into all the drama, romance, angst, and fun of the Emmy- nominated “Degrassi: The Next Generation” any time, here on Pluto TV.


Pluto TV Soaps

Soap operas aren’t just for daytime. They’re for anytime. Get your fix of melodrama 24/7 on Pluto TV Soaps.


Pluto TV Love Stories

Curl up on the couch for some Pluto TV Love Stories. Tune in for heartwarming made-for-TV movies and series - sprinkled with laughs and love - all day long.


Pluto TV Suspense

Ready for a little thrill? Tune in for dramatic series and made-for-TV movies that will send your pulse racing and leave you wanting more, all-day-long on Pluto TV Suspense.


Star Trek

Boldly go to the channel that brings you Star Trek: The Next Generation, along with the USS Enterprise’s big-screen adventures, all day long.


Pluto TV Sci-Fi

Explore the farthest reaches of space, battle evil robots, and travel through time on Pluto TV Sci-Fi, the mothership for the best science fiction and fantasy movies and TV series in the galaxy, beaming up to you 24 hours a day.


British Drama

See what’s on telly with British Drama. Get the best mysteries, sci-fi, and period dramas from across the pond any time of day.


Best of Dr. Phil

The Emmy®-nominated talk show hosted by America’s most popular psychologist and lifestyle strategist, Dr. Phil McGraw, is now on its own Pluto TV channel. You can now “Get Real” with Dr. Phil 24/7!


Best of The Drew Barrymore Show

The Drew Barrymore Show is optimism TV, bringing information, inspiration, and entertainment to the daytime audience. Known world-wide for her infectious brand of humor and positivity, host Drew Barrymore shares her undeniably relatable point of view.


Pluto TV Courtroom

Hear ye, hear ye! Court is in session 24 hours a day on Pluto TV Courtroom. Watch Judge Judy, Judge Mills Lane, Hot Bench, and more of today’s most engaging courtroom series.



Who cheated? Who’s the father? What’s really going on? Find out on Nosey! Tune in to Nosey where you can see real people with real problems as they uncover the truth about their friends and loved ones. With thousands of your favorite shows like Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, Steve Wilkos, and Blind Date, Nosey is guaranteed to entertain.


Judge Nosey

Divorced! Wronged! Hunted! On Judge Nosey, find intense courtroom drama with Divorce Court, Judge Karen and Eye For An Eye. Ride with first responders on Mantracker, Sheriffs of El Dorado County and Emergency. Watch Judge Nosey now.


Pluto TV Game Show

Game shows never get old. From daytime classics to recent primetime hits, there’s always a fortune in fabulous prizes just waiting for someone to win on Pluto TV Game Shows.


The Price is Right: The Barker Era

Television’s longest-running game show, featuring host Bob Barker, where audience members try to win cash and prizes.



BUZZR is a pop culture TV time capsule featuring iconic game shows where viewers can watch and play along 24/7. This channel features titles including Match Game, What’s My Line, Family Feud, To Tell the Truth, Supermarket Sweep, Password, Press Your Luck, Concentration and Card Sharks.


Deal or No Deal

26 briefcases. $1,000,000 on the line. 24 hours a day. Watch Deal Or No Deal, hosted by Howie Mandel, any time you want on Pluto TV.


Game Show Central

From the premiere network dedicated to game shows, a channel of fast, fun game show programming with something for everyone. From trivia to word puzzles, physical games to outrageous competitions, we offer round-the-clock beat-the-clock entertainment.


Demand Africa

Demand Africa offers unlimited 24-7 access to the largest curated collection of Afrocentric TV shows, series, soaps, movies and lifestyle entertainment from Africa and the diaspora in the world.


BET Pluto TV

Kick back and enjoy the best of Black Hollywood through all of your favorite urban movies! Featuring hundreds of hours of classic films and box office hits, this channel is guaranteed to have everything you’ve been waiting for in one place.



Welcome to the FIRST and ONLY channel for black women! BET Her is a destination that includes a mix of blockbuster hits, classic movies, music and original series; all featuring black women front and center.


Bounce XL

Bounce XL is a dynamic extension of one of TV’s hottest brands. Stream the best in Black television, including original programming and specials, scripted sitcoms and dramas, andveverything that makes Bounce XL a must-watch destination.


MTV Pluto TV

Looking to escape the everyday? Then take a dive into MTV’s hit programming on MTV Pluto, featuring the best of MTV’s reality & dating shows. With unscripted hits like 16 & Pregnant, Are You The One, and Punk’d, MTV Pluto will definitely get your party started. Kick back, relax and let our favorite shows become your favorite shows. You want your MTV Pluto!


Fuse Beat

Fuse Beat is the entertainment and lifestyle destination celebrating Black culture and its multifaceted contributions to global pop culture. Fuse Beat provides a diverse and inclusive portrayal of the world around us. Dive into this melting pot of experiences, perspectives, and style with our curated selection of movies, fan favorite series, award-winning docs, music and comedy performances.


CMT Pluto TV

Buckle up for CMT on Pluto TV! Get you blood pumping with your favorite adrenalized shows from CMT. See who’s bad ass enough to conquer the famous “Skullbuster” in Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge, who’s got what it takes to escape Redneck Island, and who’s big rig will go from rags to riches in Trick My Truck! And it’s happening 24/7 on CMT on Pluto TV!


Logo Pluto TV

Hold on to your wigs! Logo’s hit programming is slaying the game with the best reality, drama and comedy shows. Along with RuVealed and Untucked, catch fan-favorites like Finding Prince Charming and The Big Gay Sketch Show. Pluto’s Logo Channel will make any party fabulous. Can we get an Amen up in here?


K-Content by CJ ENM

K-Content by CJ ENM brings must-see Korean entertainment to Pluto TV. Enjoy 24/7 access to Korea’s best content, with everything from intense thrillers and lighthearted romance to K-pop music shows. Tune in to see award-winning television series and the biggest blockbusters featuring your favorite stars.


ET Live

ET Live is the destination for breaking entertainment and pop culture news, live red carpet coverage, the latest style and beauty trends and your daily dose of celebrity buzz. Hollywood happens here - free and streaming 24/7!


People TV

Free, original, full-length celebrity, lifestyle, and pop culture programs from the world’s leading entertainment brands, People and Entertainment Weekly, plus Time, Sports Illustrated, Essence, and more.


Awesomeness TV

Welcome to AwesomenessTV... where we break all the rules! Our shows feature your favorite beauty gurus, advice for teens, daily celeb gossip, teen pop stars, performance sports, hilarious sketches and pranks, and YouTube Stars.