Younger S7 Loglines

701: A Decent Proposal (Available to stream Thursday, April 15th)

As Diana sets out on her honeymoon, Liza considers Charles’s proposal. Kelsey turns Quinn down, but some speed bumps in her personal and professional life make Kelsey doubt herself. Lauren’s 30th is out of this world.

702: It’s the End of the World, Worm Girl (Available to stream Thursday, April 15th)

Liza tries to settle into the next chapter of her personal life. Liza and Kelsey dig deep to win over Fupa Grünhoff, a teenage climate change activist.

703: FKA Millennial (Available to stream Thursday, April 15th)

With her personal life on rocky ground, Liza focuses on work and a new book pitch by sexy surfer, Kai Manning. The Empirical team meets with Quinn Tyler, whose latest book idea was inspired by Charles. Empirical rebrands.

704: Risky Business (Available to stream Thursday, April 15th)

Liza travels to Montauk to help sexy surfer pro Kai Manning with his memoir and comes back to the office refreshed. An unexpected adventure with Quinn leaves Kelsey questioning her career choices. Josh's new love interest gets loud.

705: The Last Unicorn (Available to stream Thursday, April 22nd)

After Quinn’s new romance goes public, Liza decides to fact-check her manuscript. Maggie gets an exciting new job offer and love interest. Sparks fly between Liza and someone from her old life.


706: The F Word (Available to stream Thursday, April 29th)

Liza and Kelsey start an underground event called Inkubator. Liza debates telling Charles about Quinn’s true motives. Maggie’s first class lands her an invite to dinner at the dean’s.


707: The Son Also Rises (Available to streaming Thursday, May 6th)

After an Empirical author dies, Charles reconnects with the widow who was the real-life inspiration for his novel, The Miseducattion of Henry Cane. Maggie teaches a class on her past art and is confronted with a big problem.