Episode 101: “Strange New Worlds” - Available to stream Thursday, May 5

Series premiere. When one of Pike’s officers goes missing while on a secret mission for Starfleet, Pike has to come out of self-imposed exile. He must navigate how to rescue his officer, while struggling with what to do with the vision of the future he’s been given.

Teleplay by: Akiva Goldsman

Story by: Akiva Goldsman, Alex Kurtzman, and Jenny Lumet

Directed by: Akiva Goldsman


Episode 102: “Children of the Comet” - Available to stream Thursday, May 12

While on a survey mission, the U.S.S. Enterprise discovers a comet is going to strike an inhabited planet. They try to re-route the comet, only to find that an ancient alien relic buried on the comet’s icy surface is somehow stopping them. As the away team try to unlock the relic’s secrets, Pike and Number One deal with a group of zealots who want to prevent the U.S.S. Enterprise from interfering.

Written by: Henry Alonso Myers & Sarah Tarkoff

Directed by: Maja Vrvilo


Episode 103: “Ghosts of Illyria” - Available to stream Thursday, May 19

The U.S.S. Enterprise encounters a contagion that ravages the ship. One by one, the entire crew is incapacitated except for Number One, Una Chin-Riley, who must now confront a secret she’s been hiding as she races to find a cure.

Written by: Akela Cooper & Bill Wolkoff

Directed by: Leslie Hope


Episode 104: “Memento Mori” - Available to stream Thursday, May 26

While on a routine supply mission to a colony planet, the U.S.S. Enterprise comes under an attack from an unknown malevolent force. Pike brings all his heart and experience to bear in facing the crisis, but the security officer warns him that the enemy cannot be dealt with by conventional Starfleet means.

Written by: Davy Perez & Beau DeMayo

Directed by: Dan Liu


Episode 105: “Spock Amok” - Available to stream Thursday, June 2

It’s a comedy of manners when Spock has a personal visit in the middle of Spock and Captain Pike’s crucial negotiations with an unusual alien species.

Written by: Henry Alonso Myers & Robin Wasserman

Directed by: Rachel Leiterman


Episode 106: “Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach” - Available to stream Thursday, June 9

A threat to an idyllic planet reunites Captain Pike with the lost love of his life. To protect her and a scientific holy child from a conspiracy, Pike offers his help and is forced to face unresolved feelings of his past.

Written by Robin Wasserman & Bill Wolkoff

Directed by: Andi Armaganian


Episode 107: “The Serene Squall” - Available to stream Thursday, June 16

While on a dangerous humanitarian mission, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise stumbles into a harrowing game of leverage with the quadrant’s deadliest space pirate.

Written by: Beau DeMayo & Sarah Tarkoff

Directed by: Sydney Freeland


Episode 108: “The Elysian Kingdom” - Available to stream Thursday, June 23

The U.S.S. Enterprise becomes stuck in a nebula that is home to an alien consciousness that traps the crew in a fairy tale.

Written by: Akela Cooper & Onitra Johnson

Directed by: Amanda Row


Episode 109: “All Those Who Wander” - Available to stream Thursday, June 30

The U.S.S. Enterprise crew comes face-to-face with their demons – and scary monsters too – when their landing party is stranded on a barren planet with a ravenous enemy.

Written by: Davy Perez

Directed by: Christopher J. Byrne


Episode 110: “A Quality of Mercy” - Available to stream Thursday, July 7

In the season one finale, just as Captain Pike thinks he’s figured out how to escape his fate, he’s visited by his future self, who shows him the consequences of his actions.

Written by: Henry Alonso Myers & Akiva Goldsman

Directed by: Chris Fisher