School Spirits Season 1 Loglines

School Spirits Season 1 Loglines


EP 101: “MY SO-CALLED DEATH”  (Available to stream Thursday, March 9th)

While acclimating to purgatory at Split River High, Maddie becomes determined to solve the mystery of her disappearance. While observing those she left behind, Maddie begins to realize everyone is not as honest and loyal as she once thought.   


EP 102: “THE FAULT IN OUR SCARS” (Available to stream Thursday, March 9th)

As she grows close to the spirits in the ghost world, a driven Maddie begins to unravel the events surrounding her death, only to discover someone other than Xavier may have been involved.  


EP 103: “DEAD AND CONFUSED”  (Available to stream Thursday, March 9th)

With an unexpected suspect possibly involved in her death, Maddie’s forced to reveal more about the depth of that relationship —leading to unexpected consequences.  


EP 104: “GHOUL INTENTIONS”  (Available to stream Thursday, March 16th)

When the search for Maddie’s killer puts Simon in real jeopardy and exposes Maddie’s connection to the living world, Maddie must navigate Split River High’s spooky spectral underbelly --first alone, and then with the help of her fellow ghosts.  


EP 105: “THE TWILIGHT END ZONE” (Available to stream Thursday, March 23rd)

As Homecoming unfolds at Split River, Maddie finds herself divided between accepting her fate in purgatory and a newly hatched plan to crack a new suspect. 


EP 106: “GRAVE THE LAST DANCE” (Available to stream Thursday, March 30th)

Amongst the sparkly lights of Split River’s Homecoming Dance, Operation Find Maddie’s Killer goes into overdrive leading to surprising revelations.