Rabbit Hole Season 1 Loglines

Rabbit Hole Loglines


Ep 101: Pilot (Available to stream Sunday, March 26)

John Weir navigates the twisting, turning universe of deception as both a victim and master. But after what appears to be another successful day on the job, his world is blown to pieces


Written By: Glenn Ficarra & John Requa

Directed By:  Glenn Ficarra & John Requa


Ep 102: At Any Given Moment (Available to stream Sunday, March 26)

Triggered by the suicide of his old friend Valence and framed for the murder of Edward Homm, Weir frantically tries to piece together what went wrong the day before. The mysterious Hailey is sucked further into Weir's world as he tries to determine whether she played a role.


Written By: Glenn Ficarra & John Requa

Directed By:  Glenn Ficarra & John Requa


Ep 103: The Algorithms of Control (Available to stream Sunday, April 2)

In an episode that jumps between past and present, Weir's traumatic history is brought to light, along with the origin of his friendship with Valence and their career in corporate espionage. In the present, Weir and Hailey's tenuous relationship begins to thaw—but does her story add up? Not according to the newly resurfaced operative, Dr. Ben Wilson.


Written By: Glenn Ficarra & John Requa

Directed By:  Glenn Ficarra & John Requa


Ep 104: The Person In Your Ear (Available to stream Sunday, April 9)

Armed with the data stolen from Arda, Weir is in go-mode to unveil the truth behind Valence's shocking death and enlists Hailey’s help to exploit a member of Crowley’s network. Meanwhile, US Treasury investigator Edward Homm may finally be ready to cooperate and help find Crowley. Liv, Weir's ex-wife, is dragged back into his world of secrets, and we see a new side of The Intern, the only member of Weir's original team spared in the explosion


Written By: Hunt Baldwin

Directed By: Jon Cassar


Ep 105: Tom (Available to stream Sunday, April 16)

Homm begins to unravel how Intaverse ties in with Crowley's master plan as Crowley's forces start to close in. Hailey tries in vain to get Weir, who is continually distracted by the puzzle of Valence’s death, to trust her. Meanwhile, Agent Madi investigates Weir's ex-wife, Liv, for possible clues.  And, Ben has a secret…


Written By: Wendy Riss

Directed By: Dan Attias


Ep 106: The Playbook (Available to stream Sunday, April 23)

As Weir struggles to cope with the loss of his team, his relationship with Ben falls prey to Weir's paranoia and mistrust. After connecting the dots between Senator Nora Evers and Crowley, Weir and his team make a plan to finally reach Crowley by staging a heist at maximum security facility.  Meanwhile, a distraught Intern enlists Eliza for help.


Written By: Michael Ballin & Thomas Aguilar

Directed By: Gwyneth Horder-Payton