iCarly Season 3 Loglines

Season 3 Loglines


Episode 301: iBuckled (Available to stream Thursday, June 1st) *Premiere

Carly dives into work to distract herself from Freddie, working with Paul on a sizzle reel for a Carly-centric reality show. But Paul pushes Carly’s love triangle to create more drama.


Episode 302: iLove Your Shoes  (Available to stream Thursday, June 1st) *Premiere

Carly realizes she has feelings for Freddie, but tries to get over him by dating a new guy. An old rival from boarding school hires Harper. After a review calls Spencer out of touch, he tries to prove he’s a man of the people.


Episode 303: iMake New Memories  (Available to stream Thursday, June 8th)

Committed to rebuilding their friendship, Carly and Freddie team to recreate some of their favorite memories after all of Carly’s photos and videos are erased from her phone.


Episode 304: iGo Public (Available to stream Thursday, June 15th)

Freddie asks Spencer for help creating an elaborate display to announce his relationship with Carly, who is not yet ready to go public with the news.


Episode 305: iFaked It (Available to stream Thursday, June 22nd)

Carly discovers that she is the victim of a Deep Fake, which has the internet convinced that she has endorsed a viral food product that is making Seattle residents sick.


Episode 306: iReunited and It Felt Okay (Available to stream Thursday, June 29)

Carly is excited for her high school reunion, but a surprise revelation puts her at the mercy of an old classmate.


Episode 307: ​​iGo to Toledo (Available to stream Thursday, July 6th)

Carly tries to impress Mrs. Benson with a bachelorette party experience in Ohio based on her favorite home makeover show. Freddie and Spencer are reluctantly dragged into creating a bachelor party for Lewbert.