Criminal Minds: Evolution Loglines


Ep 1601: Just Getting Started (Available to stream Thursday, November 24)

When a family annihilator abducts a teen girl, the Behavioral Analysis Unit works the case on either side of the country to save her. But an unlikely connection to a mysterious kit leads to a bigger investigation and at the center of it is Penelope Garcia.


Written by: Erica Messer

Directed by: Nelson McCormick


Ep 1602: Sicarius (Available to stream Thursday, November 24)

As the team hunts an UnSub who severs spinal cords, they uncover a clue from their last case that points to a serial killing network. To figure out how big this network is, Rossi has to convince a reluctant Garcia to do the one thing she doesn’t want: come back to the BAU. 


Written by: Breen Frazier

Directed by: Nelson McCormick


Ep 1603: Moose (Available to stream Thursday, December 1)

At the heart of the serial killing network is Elias Voit. Dangerous psychopath. Manipulative narcissist. Loving father and husband. In order to find him, the team must find all of his kill kits. But one is missing, and the path leads to a bomb in the middle of Washington, D.C.


Written by: Matthew Lau

Directed by: Joe Mantegna


Ep 1604: Pay-Per-View

The BAU hunts for the next connection to the serial killer network when they pursue a home invasion team. Alvez and Garcia convince Tyler Green to submit a cognitive interview to unlock his memories of Sicarius.


Written by: Christopher Barbour

Directed by: Adam Rodriguez