“BIG NATE” Season 1 Loglines

(The first eight episodes of BIG NATE will stream beginning Thursday, Feb. 17)

EPISODE: The Legend of the Gunting

Nate has multiple detentions on the docket, per usual. But this time he is one detention away from a fate only whispered about in the halls of P.S. 38 AND the unhinged new kid is determined to become Nate’s prank partner.

GUEST STAR: Jack Black as Brad Gunter, Danny Jacobs as Bentley Carter/Merl Lazenbee


EPISODE: Go Nate, It’s Your Birthday

To remedy Nate’s subpar birthday celebrations, Martin lets Nate borrow his credit card with rules that may have been “open to interpretation”. After a day of limitless fun, Nate and his friends must pay off their debt.


EPISODE: Valentine’s Day of Horror

Nate has decided this Valentine’s Day, he will finally profess his love for his dream girl in the form of a grand gesture, but the day of love quickly turns into a nightmare after Nate’s “gift” gives the entire school food poisoning.

SONG: Pizza and Despair - Performed by Cartoon Nate


EPISODE: Catastrophe

When Nate is paired with Jenny on a school project, he hopes to prove his awesomeness to her, but his cat phobia threatens to destroy his cool. Meanwhile, Ellen sets out to cure Martin of a deeply ingrained phobia of his own.

SONG: Miss Veronica - Dee Dee

SONG: Out Here - Dee Dee


EPISODE: The Pimple

Nate gets his first pimple. In a quick turn of events, his blemish is deemed lucky and he blesses P.S. 38 with his zit until one by one, his clients luck turns sour. Meanwhile, Dee Dee gets the theatre teacher of her dreams.


EPISODE: Belles A Ringin’

While buying romance novels for a heartbroken Ellen, Nate discovers they are total cash cows. Under a pen name, he writes a best-selling graphic novel using the people in his life as inspiration until it catches up to him.


EPISODE: Time Disruptors

A local legend comes to life as Nate and friends prepare for an epic party. But Nate’s awesome plans may be foiled as a mysterious presence stalks the students and Francis disappears for hours at a time over at Jefferson.

SONG: Charter School Girl


EPISODE: Wilderness Warriors

While on a school camping trip, Nate is determined to win the Wilderness Warrior Award, Dee Dee uses her acting skills to cope with anxiety, and the teachers hatch a plan to steal an eagle egg.