A Bloody Lucky Day Loglines



Episode 1: “Taxi Driver” (Available to stream Thursday, February 1st) 

Taxi driver Oh Taek is experiencing a run of good luck, when charming stranger Geum Hyuk-soo flags down his taxi with a lucrative offer. Soon Hyuk-soo’s true nature is revealed. Grieving mother Hwang Sun-gyu searches for her son’s killer. 


Episode 2: “Good Folks are Hard to Find” (Available to stream Thursday, February 1st) 

The journey to Mukpo continues. Geum Hyuk-soo’s shocking confession terrifies Oh Taek. Hwang Sun-gyu presents a key piece of evidence to police, but it’s dismissed. Taking matters into her own hands, she decides to go after Hyuk-soo herself. 


Episode 3: “Everything Comes with a Price” (Available to stream Thursday, February 1st) 

Hwang Sun-gyu tracks down Geum Hyuk-soo and Oh Taek, following their route to Mukpo. Hyuk-soo reveals the lengths he’ll go to secure Oh Taek’s cooperation in the journey. Oh Taek’s attempts to signal a highway patrol car end in disaster.   


Episode 4: “The Lamb and the Wolf” (Available to stream Thursday, February 1st) 

Oh Taek is forced to act as Geum Hyuk-soo’s accomplice in his killing spree. Detectives delve deeper into a string of murders. Hwang Sun-gyu crosses paths with Hyuk-soo and Oh Taek.


Episode 5: “The Laughing Man” (Available to stream Thursday, February 1st) 

Oh Taek receives an ominous phone call. Determined to get to Mukpo, Geum Hyuk-soo once again forces Oh Taek to play his deadly game. Oh Taek and Hwang Sun-gyu finally join forces.


Episode 6: “What Will Come Will Come” (Available to stream Thursday, February 1st) 

Hwang Sun-gyu comes face to face with her son’s killer. Geum Hyuk-soo and Oh Taek finally part ways, but not before Hyuk-soo reveals what’s inside his suitcase. The deadly cat and mouse game comes to a shocking conclusion.


Episode 7: “Misfortune Doesn’t Ask” (Available to stream Thursday, February 1st) 

Oh Taek vows to avenge his family. He travels to China to find out who Hyuk-soo really is, using some of the same tactics he learned from Hyuk-soo himself. After connecting with Hyuk-soo's first love, Yoon Se-Na, the pieces come together.


Episode 8: “A Lucky Day” (Available to stream Thursday, February 1st) 

After discovering Geum Hyuk-soo’s real identity of Lee Byung-Min, Oh Taek plots revenge. Oh Taek’s son Seung-Hyun has a big announcement to make. Byung-Min makes a final confession that changes the game completely. 


Episode 9: “An Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth” (Available to stream Thursday, February 1st) 

Lee Byung-Min reenacts a blackmail scheme similar to the one that fooled Oh Taek four years ago. Oh Taek’s plans for revenge go awry when detectives show up. Byung-Min plans to attack Se-Na, but Oh Taek gives Byung-Min a taste of his own medicine. 


Episode 10: “What Through Life Conspires to Cheat You” (Available to stream Thursday, February 1st) 

Lee Byung-Min’s wife and unborn son’s lives hang in the balance. Lee Byung-Min attempts a negotiation, which goes awry after Se-Na’s interference. A deadly threat comes to fruition. Oh Taek and Lee Byung-Min engage in a final confrontation.

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