ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group today announced its acquisition of the worldwide distribution rights for the action-packed thriller, CRAWLSPACE. Produced by SP Media Group’s Steven Paul and Scott Karol, CRAWLSPACE follows a struggling family man who must fight for survival in the face of extreme peril as he finds himself trapped in the crawlspace of a remote Oregon cabin where ruthless poachers have stashed their fortune.

Scheduled to finish production this week, CRAWLSPACE is a crime-driven thriller that explores the nature of human beings when pushed to the edge features a stellar cast. The film features cast members Henry Thomas (“E.T. the Extra Terrestrial,” “Legends of the Fall”) as Robert Dewey, Jennifer Robertson (“Schitt’s Creek,” “Ginny & Georgia”) as Jordan Lowe, Olivia Taylor Dudley (“The Magicians,” “Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension”) as Carrie Dewey, Bradley Stryker (“Let Him Go,” “Altered Carbon”) as Sterling Lowe, Catherine Lough Haggquist (“Fifty Shades of Grey,” “Motherland: Fort Salem”) as Helen Maser and C. Ernst Harth (“To All the Boys: Always and Forever,” “Capote”) as Jim Dooley.

Robert Dewey (Thomas) is a down-on-his-luck, family man with a heart of gold. While first impressions may reveal a simple man, Robert is anything but, as he proves a master of ingenuity, grit and perseverance as he seeks to outwit his captors and return home to his family. Jordan Lowe (Robertson) is a local small town sheriff’s deputy who is not at all what she appears to be. Carrie Dewey (Dudley) is Robert’s wife who must grapple with her family’s growing financial problems, as well as the breakdown of her marriage. Sterling Lowe (Stryker) is an observant and insightful FBI agent who plays by the book, meaning she’s got no time or patience for local law enforcement’s wily antics. Finally, Jim Dooley (Harth) is a timber poacher and Sterling’s partner in crime. With a softer heart than his ruthless counterpart, he’s in for a rude awakening.

Directed by L. Gustavo Cooper (“Velvet Road,” “The Home”) and written by Jacob D. Wehrman, CRAWLSPACE is executive produced by Alejandro Brugues, Mark Holder, Christine Holder and Andrew Wilson

CRAWLSPACE is expected to be released in theaters.


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