New Internship for College Students Nationwide to Reflect Inclusive and Diverse Values of “Star Trek” Franchise

LOS ANGELES – Nov. 14, 2019 – CBS Television Studios and the Television Academy Foundation today announced a partnership to launch a unique “Star Trek” internship program in 2020, for graduate and undergraduate college students nationwide, that will reflect the franchise’s core values of inclusion and diversity titled “Television Academy Foundation Internships: ‘Star Trek’ Command Training Program.” The announcement comes on the heels of the Television Academy Foundation’s “Power of TV” program, “‘Star Trek,’ 50 Years of Diversity and Inclusion,” showcased during its annual Faculty Seminar: The Conference, Nov. 4-6.

Since its television premiere in 1966, the world of “Star Trek” has challenged stereotypes by presenting a diverse and inclusive future and offering an optimistic outlook for interpersonal relationships. The series’ humanistic approach formed the basis of the CBS Television Studios collaboration with the Television Academy Foundation, resulting in a year-round “Star Trek” internship program. Reflecting the core values of inclusion, access and opportunity, this internship experience is designed to inspire and educate the next generation of television leaders.

Initially, the new program will place two interns per semester on a “Star Trek” series, beginning summer 2020, and is designed to provide a 360-degree immersion in the production process of the “Star Trek” universe. Selected interns will be actively engaged in writers’ rooms, wardrobe design, on-set production, animation and post-production on Los Angeles-based programs. The Academy Foundation will oversee the application, vetting and enrollment of interns while CBS will coordinate mentorships and facilitate the program curriculum. The Foundation will also offer the interns lifetime professional support through its alumni program.

The “Star Trek” Command Training Program application period for eligible college students will begin on Nov. 14 and go through Jan. 21, 2020 (must be 18 years and older), and final selections will be announced at the end of March. To apply, visit

When Gene Roddenberry created the original ‘Star Trek’ series over 50 years ago, it challenged stereotypes and championed diversity and inclusion in an unprecedented way,” said Alex Kurtzman, executive producer, who oversees the “Star Trek” universe. “The Command Training Program is our commitment to expanding that inspirational vision across the entire ‘Star Trek’ canon. The ‘Star Trek’ universe is an ideal place to celebrate new voices and perspectives. We want to provide the framework to begin entertainment careers in a meaningful way and can’t wait to get started.”

This partnership is an extraordinary opportunity to provide students with remarkable on-the-job training and experience in a creative environment that embodies intersectionality onscreen and behind the camera,” said foundation chair Madeline Di Nonno. “The success of our foundation alumni is a testament to the impact of our educational programs, and considering the values inherent in this new program, we have ever greater expectations for the students whose careers will be jumpstarted with this new internship experience.”

About the “Star Trek” Universe

In the 50+ years since the legendary creator Gene Roddenberry introduced the world to the “Star Trek” universe, the series has continued to break barriers – inspiring generations of fans with its celebration of cultural diversity and inclusion, scientific exploration and the pursuit of uncharted frontiers. Today, the “Star Trek” universe continues to thrive through film, television, animation and even children’s programming. Every iteration, from STAR TREK: DISCOVERY to the upcoming series STAR TREK: PICARD, the humorous and adult-oriented animated series STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS, and the young people’s animated “Star Trek” series for Nickelodeon allows Starfleet to explore new missions and as-yet-unseen worlds. The “Star Trek” series are produced by CBS Television Studios in association with Secret Hideout and Roddenberry Entertainment. Executive producer Alex Kurtzman oversees the “Star Trek” universe across all platforms.

About CBS Television Studios

CBS Television Studios is one of the industry’s leading suppliers of programming with more than 75 series currently in production across broadcast and cable networks, streaming services, and other emerging platforms. The Studio’s expansive portfolio spans a diverse slate of commercially successful and critically acclaimed scripted programming, genre-defining franchises, including the ever-growing “Star Trek” universe, award-winning late night and daytime talk shows, and an extensive library of iconic intellectual property.

About the Television Academy Foundation

Established in 1959 as the charitable arm of the Television Academy, the Television Academy Foundation is dedicated to preserving the legacy of television while educating and inspiring those who will shape its future. Through renowned educational and outreach programs such as the College Television Awards, Student Internship Program, The Interviews: An Oral History of Television and The Power of TV, the Foundation seeks to widen the circle of voices our industry represents and to create more opportunity for television to reflect all of society. For more information on the Foundation, please visit

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