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Kian Talan

August 2021

Filipino American actor Kian Talan is one of the fresh new faces to keep an eye on as he is slowly taking Hollywood by storm. Born in Manchester, New Hampshire to immigrant parents, Talan felt the pressure to succeed at a young age. With the struggles of standing out in a predominantly white area, Kian shied away from his interest in acting, so to not stand out more than he already felt he did. Talan went on to make his parents proud and acquired a degree in computer science from Endicott College in Beverly, Mass. and became a web developer. However, following college, Talan felt the need to change the way Asian Americans were misrepresented in the media and chose to take acting classes, igniting a passion toward a career he had never fully dreamed of.

Currently, Talan can be seen on the Netflix series “Brainchild” and in the critically acclaimed short film “Shadows,” which had its premiere at Tribeca 2021 and was released on HBO Max. Previously, he worked opposite Cobie Smulders in the independent feature “Cicada.”

Outside of acting, Talan is a huge advocate for the Asian American community, taking part in SIPA’s (Search to Involve Filipino Americans) L.A. Chapter and FACT (Filipino American Charity Trust) in N.H., which played a big role in Talan’s childhood in helping him understand the misrepresentation around him.

When he’s not working, Talan spends time with his pandemic puppy, Wren, working out, playing volleyball, attending Broadway plays and listening to the latest episodes of his favorite podcasts. His birthday is June 8. Follow him on Instagram @Kian.Talan and Twitter @KianTalan.