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Stephen Hill

June 2018

From plays and stand-up routines in front of his elementary school classmates, talent shows and statewide art competitions in middle school, to television productions and professional modeling gigs in high school and college, Stephen Hill has always been a man of artistic expression.

Upon graduating with honors in mass media/broadcasting from Hampton University, Hill’s first job was as a copier salesman in his native New York City. After a few years of door- to-door sales for Xerox by day, and intense acting classes with famed coach Susan Batson by night, he received the fearful news that his mother had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Witnessing her fatal bout with the debilitating disease at the young age of 61 was the catalyst that thrust Stephen back into the artistic world. Having raised five children, the youngest of whom had Down syndrome, his mother never had the opportunity to fully express herself creatively. So Stephen honors her sacrifice by pursuing his acting career with physical and emotional vigor.

Armed with the memory of his mother, the blessing of his father, and the support of his tribe, Stephen soon left behind the perks of a steady paycheck, healthcare, and printing free headshots and scripts, to pursue acting full-time. After years of student/indie films, plays, film festival circuits and continued study, he developed a hard-earned reputation for solid work in drama, comedy, voice-over and commercials.

Hill’s television credits include “Law & Order: SVU,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Political Animals,” BLUE BLOODS, on the Network, “Boardwalk Empire,” “Lewis & Clark” and “Luke Cage.” His most recent work includes Steve McQueen’s feature film “Widows,” the play “Manhood” at the National Black Theater, and the Netflix series “Maniac.”

Hill’s MAGNUM P.I. character, a military veteran who flies helicopters, shares a distinguished trait with his father, who was a Vietnam veteran chopper mechanic.

Hill has an eclectic and diverse breadth of interests. He’s a gym enthusiast and loves hip hop, meditation, reading, history, cooking, and collecting gemstones.

Born in New York and raised mainly in Willingsboro, N.J., Hill currently resides in Los Angeles. His birthday is Oct. 14. Hill can be followed on Twitter and Instagram @StephenHillActs.

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