Free “Expedition Vegas” Fan Experience on Thursday, Feb. 8 Through Super Bowl Sunday

WHAT: Paramount “Expedition Vegas” exclusive sneak “PEAK” happy hour and free four-day fan experience fun for all ages

Super Bowl LVIII will be broadcast on CBS and streamed on Paramount+, along with a special kids and family slime-filled presentation on Nickelodeon.

WHEN: Thursday, Feb. 8 through Friday, Feb. 9 (11:00 AM-6:00 PM, PT)

Saturday, Feb. 10 (11:00 AM-3:00 PM, PT)

Sunday, Feb. 11 (11:00 AM-2:00 PM, PT)

WHERE: Outside the Mirage Hotel along the Vegas Strip | 3400 South Las Vegas Blvd.

DETAILS: Centered around the newly built Paramount Mountain, Expedition Vegas is a free four-day block-long, immersive fan experience that will showcase Paramount’s fan-favorite shows, films and franchises across 10 brands through bespoke content, interactive games, photo opportunities, exhibits, giveaways and more.

Visitors coming for the fan experience will embark on their journeys from either of two locations: BASE CAMP or PARAMOUNT STATION. They’ll have a mountain of choices from there: They can test their skills with MTV’s THE CHALLENGE-themed trivia and at the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE (CBS SPORTS) penalty-kick battle before heading to the universe of HALO (Paramount+) to see if they have the power to activate the divine glow. In Nickelodeon’s alcove, kids will get a kick out of practicing their spiral at the SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS Krusty Krab Quarterback Challenge and snap photos with their favorite characters from DORA. Farther up the mountain, CBS SURVIVOR enthusiasts will compete in the reality series’ fan-favorite challenges and enjoy free Wi-Fi, courtesy of Pluto TV. Guests will warm up at the BOB MARLEY: ONE LOVE (Paramount Pictures) tropical pavilion and the luxurious TYLER PERRY’S SISTAS (BET) spa suite. They’ll also step into YELLOWSTONE (Paramount Network) at America’s beloved Dutton Ranch and visit SOUTH PARK (Comedy Central) to grab a photo with Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny in front of the town’s iconic bus stop. At PARAMOUNT STATION, expeditioners will brave the ADVENTURE TO THE PEAK, a hyper-realistic gondola lift that will simulate frigid winds and harrowing heights. The full sensory ride will feature iconic Paramount characters and recorded commentary by CBS Sports’ Jim Nantz and Tony Romo. A comprehensive list and full descriptions of the aforementioned activations – and many additional ones – can be found in the accompanying guide.

Complimentary Tickets: Free advance tickets will be available HERE ( or by scanning the QR code.




Centered around Paramount Mountain, EXPEDITION VEGAS will be divided into five main areas: BASE CAMP, THE CHALET, THE RIDGELINE, THE VILLAGE and PARAMOUNT STATION. The free immersive activation can be entered from either BASE CAMP or PARAMOUNT STATION, and visitors will be able to choose the path of their journey. The following guide provides details on what fans can expect to experience.


    • BIG TEN (CBS SPORTS): Circulating throughout Expedition Vegas, cheerleaders will rally the crowd toward PEAK excitement; fans will have the chance to have their photos taken with their favorite cheerleaders.

    • THE CHALLENGE (MTV): Fans will pair and test their skills in trivia, speed and teamwork at a replica of the iconic THE CHALLENGE brick puzzle. Competing for THE CHALLENGE-branded prizes, the fastest team to first complete the puzzle wins. All participants and passersby, alike, can enter to win exclusive, limited-edition THE CHALLENGE gear.

    • UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE (CBS SPORTS): Visitors will put their soccer skills to the test at the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE penalty-kick battle, and players who score enough goals will earn a coveted spot on the leaderboard.



THE CHALET features a cluster of cabins, PARAMOUNT+’s THE LODGE and GHOSTS’ Woodstone B&B, where fans will become immersed in their favorite shows and highly anticipated new titles.


      • NICKELODEON: Young fans will have the chance to check out NICKELODEON’s alcove, an oversized kids’ zone filled with characters, interactive touchpoints, photo ops and more. They’ll traverse the slime portal, explore the fort and hop into an orange gondola to take photos with their favorite characters from DORA. They’ll also practice their spiral at the SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS Krusty Krab Quarterback Challenge.

      • PARAMOUNT THEATER: A living tribute to the art of filmmaking will transport visitors back in time to honor the legacy of Paramount Pictures’ golden age of cinema. The PARAMOUNT THEATER will also feature upcoming Paramount+ films, such as THE TIGER’S APPRENTICE (Paramount+) and THE THUNDERMANS RETURN (Paramount+).

      • HALO (Paramount+): Expeditioners will enter the HALO universe for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step up to the dormant Artifact relic. They’ll discover if they have the power to activate a divine glow that signals the touch of a blessed one. This will also illuminate the room to reveal costumes, props and additional museum pieces from the series. On the way out, fans will snag exclusive HALO-branded sunglasses.

    • STAR TREK (Paramount+): The last of the three cabins will pay homage to STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, where fans will launch into the final frontier and stand at the helm of the iconic bridge of the U.S.S. Discovery. Complete with high-tech control panels, blinking lights and interactive displays with scenes from the celebrated series, this otherworldly activation will put visitors in the shoes of a Starfleet captain. On the way out, fans will receive complimentary “live long and prosper” Vulcan-salute foam fingers.

    • GHOSTS (CBS): Visitors will check into GHOSTS’ Woodstone B&B to test their belief in the paranormal. Guests will head to the phone booths, pick up a phone and hear a mysterious voice on the other end, asking if they believe in ghosts. Responses will prompt surprise photo experiences – potentially spectral appearances. Easter eggs from CBS’ fan-favorite franchise will be hidden throughout the space, and a live ticker will track the number of people who discover that funny things happen when you believe.


    • WE NEED TO TALK (CBS SPORTS): As fans enter The Ridgeline, they’ll be encouraged to peruse The Women Who Moved Mountains in Sports exhibit and hear about CBS Sports’ female-led commentary series WE NEED TO TALK that features many influential women who have broken the gender barrier in sports. Fans are encouraged to take photos against the backdrop and share on social which women in their lives inspired them.

    • FIRE COUNTRY (CBS): Guests will turn up the heat at FIRE COUNTRY’s karaoke bar. Paying tribute to CBS’ sizzling series, fans will sift through a catalogue of country and fire-themed tunes before singing their hearts out.

    • SURVIVOR (CBS): Steered by SURVIVOR challenge producer John Kirhoffer, teams of SURVIVOR enthusiasts will go head-to-head in the “Aim for Above” immunity challenge and a classic SURVIVOR slide puzzle to earn bragging rights and win the title of Expedition Vegas’ SURVIVOR Champion.


    • TYLER PERRY’S SISTAS (BET): At The Village’s entrance, visitors will be invited to pamper themselves inside the SISTAS suite for an immersive spa experience. Celebrating the popular BET series, the elegant, floral-themed suite will serve as a relaxing oasis from the Expedition excitement. Spa goers will be able to choose either a complimentary hand or neck massage while sipping on some sparkling lemonade.

    • BOB MARLEY: ONE LOVE (Paramount Pictures): Next door, guests who wish to escape the mountain’s frigid temperatures will stop by BOB MARLEY: ONE LOVE’s film-themed showcase, featuring sneak-peek clips from the upcoming Paramount Pictures film, along with quotes and music. Guests won’t worry about a thing; they’ll be too busy snapping Instagrammable photos and enjoying the tunes from Jamaica’s most famous singer-songwriter.

    • YELLOWSTONE (Paramount Network): The Dutton Ranch will pop up in The Village for a Paramount Mountain-worthy residency. Fans of the franchise can capture a photo in front of iconic show-inspired landmarks and grab a commemorative YELLOWSTONE-branded leather koozie.

    • 1923 (Paramount+): Expeditioners will continue the journey back in time as they step into The Silver Dollar Soda Shoppe from the hit series 1923, where a 1920s-era photographer, equipped with props and prohibition-era garments, will seize the moment by taking timeless photos. The 1923 soda shop will also feature a gallery of character portraits and scenes from the show.

    • SOUTH PARK (Comedy Central): SOUTH PARK’s iconic bus stop, located in the snowy Village, will promote the new game SOUTH PARK: SNOW DAY! Fans will grab a photo with Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny and enter to win a collector’s edition copy of the all-new 3D co-op game.

    • PLUTO TV: Guests will snag free Wi-Fi at The Village, courtesy of PLUTO TV, and take a quiz to find out what kind of viewer they are in order to win prizes from the PLUTO TV giant vending machines located at The Village’s entrance and exit.


    • ADVENTURE TO THE PEAK: The brave expeditioners will want to stop by Paramount Station for the coup de grace of the entire activation – ADVENTURE TO THE PEAK – a hyper-realistic simulated gondola ride to Expedition Vegas’ apex. A full-sensory storytelling experience, ADVENTURE TO THE PEAK will feature fan-favorite Paramount characters as the STAR TREK enterprise soars overhead. CBS Sports’ Jim Nantz and Tony Romo will act as tour guides through pre-recorded sports-style commentary.

    • MERCHANDISE: Visitors will be able to buy commemorative merchandise at various locations throughout Expedition Vegas and stop by the dedicated MERCHANDISE TENT, where limited-edition specialty items will be available for purchase. Items for sale will include SURVIVOR scarves, STAR TREK beanies, SOUTH PARK socks, YELLOWSTONE hoodies and SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS T-shirts. All guests will receive a free Paramount tote gift with purchase.


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