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Media Coverage Agreement – Broadcast Excerpt Usage Restrictions

The following guidelines apply to Domestic, International Broadcasts, Online News and Social Media Sites:

1) All clips (Excerpts) from THE TONY AWARDS: ACT ONE and THE 76TH ANNUAL TONY AWARDS® may be used on a non-exclusive basis and limited specifically to news and/or entertainment information programming and any Websites directly associated with your particular news and/or entertainment program. The Excerpts of THE TONY AWARDS: ACT ONE and THE 76TH ANNUAL TONY AWARDS® may only be used in the segment of the applicable news and/or entertainment information program broadcast (the “Segment”) covering and for no other purpose whatsoever, without the prior written consent of Tony Award Productions.

2) You may excerpt up to two (2) minutes of material for your segment in each news, entertainment information and/or talk show program broadcast and/or online news segment, with no individual non-performance clip exceeding 30 seconds in length. Artists’ performance clips cannot exceed ten (10) seconds individually, nor thirty (30) seconds in the aggregate.

3) You may only use up to three (3) Program Excerpts in your online Media Coverage, including, without limitation, on your website, social media accounts, or any other online or digital platform. Each excerpt may not exceed thirty (30) seconds.


a) In the case of local stations, Excerpts from the broadcast are embargoed from being broadcast until the Program has completed its broadcast in your market.Additionally, Excerpts may not be posted online until the program has completed its broadcast in the Pacific Time Zone.

b) In the case of national, international and cable broadcasters, online news and entertainment press, as well as social media sites, Excerpts are embargoed until the Program has completed its broadcast in the Pacific Time Zone.

5) Excerpts must be used within two days of the broadcast or seven days for non-performance clips, and in either case, for news purposes only. After that time, you must get written permission from Tony Award Productions/White Cherry Entertainment for any use. This rule applies to all broadcasters and internet press.

6) The CBS logo EYE as it appears on the CBS broadcast may not be obscured in the Excerpts that you air or post online.

7) Mandatory Courtesy Chyron should read: Courtesy: Tony Award Productions/White Cherry Entertainment

8) You may not assign or transfer the clip usage rights hereunder to any other party.


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