In season two of Tyler Perry’s “Zatima,” Zac and Fatima’s relationship is challenged on a whole new level. Zac deals with some internal discord, which is only exacerbated after seeing his mother, Gladys, whom he hasn’t seen in quite a long time. Zac’s fractured relationship with Gladys and his brother Jeremiah takes a bigger toll on him than he cares to admit. Zac reacts to the reunion by bottling up his emotions and seeking a physical outlet.


Fatima loves and supports Zac just as much as she did from the beginning of their relationship. Zac begins to shut down and push Fatima away, which makes it hard for her to continue to be there for him. Fatima begins to question herself and if she’s really what Zac needs when she can’t get through to him about dealing with his past issues. Fatima decides to mislead Zac and bring in a therapist to possibly assist with their breakdown in communication. Zac, however, doesn’t react the way Fatima expects.


Angela questions her relationship with Bryce after learning that he made a pass at Zac. Angela questions Bryce’s motives with her and if she’s just a “beard” for him. Angela, while offering relationship advice to Fatima, heeds her own words and attempts to explore other options. Bryce makes it clear to Angela what and who he wants, but doesn’t force Angela to choose him. Bryce is consumed with Zac’s reaction to his advances and wants Zac to get over it and go back to being the homeboys they were.


Tony continues to show his support for his friend, Zac, especially when Zac’s mother comes back into his life. Nathan, on the other hand, is not as supportive as a friend because of his disdain for Fatima. Tony finds himself attempting to play peacemaker between Zac and Nathan, reminding them of their long-term bond as friends. But when Nathan tries to under-handedly show Zac that Fatima’s not right for him, their bond may never be the same again.


Deja continues her chase for Zac, despite Fatima’s warnings to leave him alone. Deja attempts to get back at Fatima through legal means, but it isn’t long before Fatima disproves Deja’s claims. Zac somehow continues to get caught in the middle of the two ladies because he’s nice to Deja and ignores her advances. Fatima, however, isn’t fooled by Deja’s perceived innocence.


Season two of “Zatima” takes an up-close and personal look at Zac and Fatima’s faith in one another and their relationship. While the pair confront their personal shortcomings, viewers will be on the edge of their seats waiting to see the outcome of all their ups and downs. Along with the deep dive into Zac and Fatima’s love, this season explores how addiction affects families, abandonment, secrets, and lies. Will Zac and Fatima’s love overcome all of the forces stacked against them?


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