Set in the early 1920s and inspired by real events, THE PORTER follows train porters Junior Massey and Zeke Garrett and their friends and families as a tragedy on the job sets them on starkly different paths to better lives. While Junior takes advantage of a broken system to pursue money and power in gambling and bootlegging, Zeke fights the railway to change the system from within by unionizing the Black porters. As it becomes clear that Junior and Zeke’s goals are in direct conflict with each other; their once unbreakable bond is stretched to its limits. Can a friendship forged in the trenches of war survive this new fight for freedom? Or will they have to betray each other and their community to make their dreams reality?


Cast Credits

Aml Ameen “Junior Massey”

Ronnie Rowe Jr. “Zeke Garrett”

Mouna Traoré “Marlene Massey”

Loren Lott “Lucy Conrad”

Olunike Adeliyi “Miss Queenie”

Luke Bilyk “Franklin Edwards”

Sabryn Rock “Gwen Barnes”

Alfre Woodard “Fayanna ‘Fay’ Robinson”

Paul Essiembre “William Edwards”

Arnold Pinnock “Glenford”

Bruce Ramsay “Dinger”

Luc Roderique “Winchester Barnes”


Press contact: Erin Dwyer


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