The Ms. Pat Show - Season 2 Episode Descriptions


After an unexpected death in the family, Pat is forced to address her strained relationship with Denise.


EPISODE 2x2 - Judge Miss Sophia

Pat and Denise attempt to settle their differences on the TV court show "Judge Miss Sophia.


EPISODE 2x3 - Don't Touch My Hair

A careless remark from Terry dredges up painful memories from Pat's childhood, and Janelle and Junebug help Denise promote her new hair product on social media.


EPISODE 2x4 - Gots To Be More Careful

When a rash of burglaries hits the neighborhood, Pat and Denise devise a plan to deflect suspicion from the Carson household.


EPISODE 2x5 - Parents Just Don't Understand

When Terry's parents visit, Pat tries to bond with her mother-in-law over stand-up comedy, and Terry confronts his estranged dad about stepping out on his mom.


EPISODE 2x6 - Rent-A-N!gg@

Pat intervenes when Janelle decides to skip the school dance, Pat intervenes, and Terry worries Junebug is joining the high school basketball team for the wrong reasons.


EPISODE 2x7 - Trigger Warning

Denise objects to Pat making a joke out of a shared, traumatic childhood experience, and Junebug and Janelle jump to conclusions when a mystery thong appears in the laundry.


EPISODE 2x8 – The Roommate

Pat stays with Ashley and her girlfriend while in Chicago for a comedy show, and Terry is afraid to let Denise out of his sight after her recent setback.


EPSIODE 2x9 - Teach Me

Denise finds an unorthodox way of dealing with her alcohol misuse, and Junebug is not sure what to do when he draws the attention of an older woman.


EPSIODE 2x10 - Stormy Weather

Pat is faced with a difficult choice, the kids make an assumption about Denise and Terry reaches his breaking point.