In cities and counties across the United States, elected district attorneys and their team of prosecutors, decide whether to bring a case or drop charges against a defendant; charge a misdemeanor or a felony; demand a prison sentence or accept probation.
Most cases are resolved through plea bargains, where prosecutors, not judges, negotiate whether and for how long a defendant goes to prison. And these overwhelmingly white male prosecutors, make these judgments almost entirely outside public scrutiny or oversight...Until now.

Based on interviews with judges, district attorneys - including Marilyn Mosby, defendants and defense attorneys, award-winning Producer/Director Shoshana Guy will make the compelling case that the discretion wielded by our nation's district attorneys have led to the mass incarceration of Black Americans, and unchecked police brutality.

With groundbreaking data - "Prosecuting Race and Justice" will offer viewers a compelling look at the role of district attorneys in the U.S. legal system - and their profound impact on black lives and communities.

This film is a call to action...

Do you know who your local District Attorney is?



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