Kingdom Business - Fact Sheet


May 19 only on BET+

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SERIES PREMIERE DATE: Eight-episode original series premieres May 19, only on BET+. All episodes available on the platform on May 19.




Denita Jordan is the Queen of Gospel Music at First Kingdom Church and Kingdom Records in Atlanta. A superstar whose music has been heard around the world, she is determined to guard her family and its many secrets at all costs. Her husband Calvin Jordan may be the Bishop at First Kingdom, but Denita is the true leader, and she has little tolerance for insurrection among her family and employees (and ex-employees). Suddenly, there is a new powerhouse performer on the Atlanta gospel scene -- a young pole dancer, Rbel, whose talent and pedigree may bring her closer to God and gold than she ever imagined.




Episode 101: “One Moment from Glory”

Written by: John J. Sakmar & Kerry Lenhart

Directed by: Oz Scott


Episode 103: “Let It Burn” 

Written by: Ruth Ferrera

Directed by: Mary Lou Belli


Episode 105: “Moore Grace”

Written By: Shani Am. Moore

Directed By: Shea William Vanderpoort


Episode 107: “Dear God” 

Written By: Ruth Ferrera

Directed By: Christopher Erskin


Episode 102: “His Eye Is on the…Raven” 

Written by: John J. Sakmar & Kerry Lenhart

Directed by: Oz Scott


Episode 104: “If I Could”

Written by: Jasmine Swift
Directed by: Mary Lou Belli


Episode 106: “Love Song”

Written By: Corey Moore

Directed By: Shea William Vanderpoort


Episode 108: “Homecoming”

Written By: John J. Sakmar & Kerry Lenhart

Directed By: Christopher Erskin




Series Regulars

Yolanda Adams                             “Denita Jordan”

Serayah                                         “Rbel”

Chaundre A. Hall-Broomfield        “Taj Jordan”

Michael Jai White                          “Julius ‘Caesar’ Jones”

Michael Beach                              “Bishop Calvin Jordan”


Recurring Guest Stars

Kirk Franklin                                   “Deacon D’Wayne”

La’Myia Good                                “Essence”                             

Kiandra Richardson                      “C.J. Jordan-Walker”            

Aspen Kennedy                            “Zyan”                                 

Dominique Johnson                       “Malcolm Walker”                 

Tamar Braxton                               “Sasha”                              

Larry Reid                                      Himself                                 

Sam Malone                                  “Dex”

Journey Carter                              “Jewel”

Al Vicente                                     “Detective Kevin Jackson”

Patrice Fisher                               “Detective Juanita Parker”

Maura Gale                                 “Dani’s Mother”                    

Malachi Malik                              “Dani’s Father”                     

Gerard William Catus                   “Ray Johnson”                     

Shuford Marie                               “Dani Kajuana”

Danielle Toran                              “Cristal Sarah”

Tyler K. Whitley                            “Raven”                               

Maurice Smith                              “Ron Washington”

Dominique Johnson                     “Malcolm Walker”

Bruce Blackshear                         “Hector”

Louis Gossett, Jr.                         “Dr. Jeremiah West”             

Brandon Valley Jones                  “Young Caesar”                   

Willie Moore, Jr.                            Himself                                 

Tonia Jackson                              “Linda”                                 



Creators:                                 John J. Sakmar & Kerry Lenhart

Produced by:                          DAE Light Media, Relevé Entertainment, Franklin Entertainment and 

                          FoYo Soul Entertainment

Executive Producers:              DeVon Franklin, Holly Carter, Kirk Franklin, Michael Van 

                     Dyck, Kerry Lenhart, John J. Sakmar and Keesha Brickhouse

Showrunners:                          Kerry Lenhart & John J. Sakmar

Co-Executive Producers:        Ruth Ferrera & Deb Evans

Directors:                                Oz Scott, Mary Lou Belli, Shea William Vanderpoort, Chris Erskin

Writers:                                   John J. Sakmar, Kerry Lenhart, Ruth Ferrera, Jasmine Swift, Shani Am. 

                    Moore, Corey Moore

Series Music By:                    Warryn Campbell and Kirk Franklin


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