5/9/2024, Only on BET+




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PREMIERE DATE:  5/9/2024, only on BET+

FILM SYNOPSIS:  Looking to celebrate their anniversary and break up the monotony of their very routine lives, Hope’s boyfriend, Jacob, convinces her to try out camping and books a weekend getaway to an Away Pod. Jacob plans to propose to his girlfriend of two years, but the arrival of Hope’s obsessive ex-boyfriend, Derrick, and his girlfriend, Jada, at the getaway complicates things. Tensions and jealousy mount as Derrick becomes inappropriate with his flirtations. Things get even worse when the owners of the Away Pod go missing and Hope discovers Derrick has a dark secret he’s keeping from them all. Wanted by the police for a botched robbery and murder, there’s nothing Derrick won’t do to protect his secret even if it means killing his precious Hope. Stranded in the woods with a target on their backs, Hope and Jacob become the hunted and must fight their way out of this nightmare if they want to stay alive.



  • Director: Charles Jones
  • Writers: Chad Quinn & Eric Dickens
  • Showrunners: Tressa Azarel Smallwood & Donte Lee
  • Music By: Music Supervisor – Jerry “Juke” Vines
  • Produced by:  Melissa Llewellyn-Alston
  • Executive Producers:  Yandy Smith-Harris, Tressa Azarel Smallwood, Donte Lee, Robin Lyon
  • Co-Executive Producers: Marvin Neil, Lorisa Bates
  • Producers: Kristin Iris Johnson, Jerry Vines



Photo Credit: Josh Freeman 



YANDY SMITH-HARRIS as “Hope Robinson” 

Hope is an African American woman in her early 30’s. She was born and raised in Washington, DC, but currently resides in Upper Marlboro Maryland. As a successful real estate agent, Hope is always on the move and rarely gets a moment to rest. A true city kid, Hope isn’t a big fan of the great outdoors. Her addiction to her phone, often causes friction with her boyfriend Jacob. Modest, Hope rarely celebrates her wins and hates when people make a fuss about her accomplishments. As a compromise, she agrees to take a weekend outdoor trip with Jacob to celebrate their anniversary, which quickly turns deadly. Additionally, due to her checkered past of infidelity, she’s hoping this trip will rejuvenate her love life with Jacob.

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Photo Credit: Josh Freeman 

JASON WEAVER as “Jacob Haughton” 

Jacob is an African American man in his early 30’s. He works as an IT professional for a major corporation. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Jacob relocated to the DMV after graduating college. He is extremely smart and is the go-to guy at work. Spontaneous, Jacob loves taking risks and appreciates new experiences. Always attentive to Hope’s needs, Jacob often tries to relieve Hopes stress. He books a trip for two outside of the city in an attempt to have a peaceful weekend. His survival skills quickly kick in when their lives are at risk.

Photo Credit: Josh Freeman

JEFF LOGAN as “Derrick Thompson” 

African American man in his early 30s. Derrick is Hope’s deranged, ex-boyfriend. Street smart and always scheming, Derrick is the opposite of Jacob. Always willing to push the envelope, Derrick gets a kick out of making people feel uncomfortable. He’s on the run for his involvement in a botched robbery. Derrick has never gotten over Hope, and in his mind, she will always be any means necessary. 

Photo Credit: Josh Freeman


African American woman in her early 30s. Jada is Derrick’s over the top girlfriend. Voluptuous with no inhibitions. Jada is loud, clueless, and adventurous. She’s everything that Hope isn’t. Once she finds out that Hope is Derrick’s ex-girlfriend, the tension rises between the two ladies.

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BEN SWILLEY as “Henry Brown” 

Henry is a Caucasian man in his early 60’s. Ordinally from Colorado, he enjoys being one with nature. Fed up with corporate America, Henry, and his wife (Annette) develop a plan to start an Away Community. Their five pods on the campground are constantly booked. The popularity of the facilities has garnered them write-ups in several prestigious magazines. Henry is unassuming and genuinely believes in the good nature of mankind, this will show to be his gift and curse.

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Photo Credit: Jeremy Bustin


AMY SIMMS TREAT as “Annette Brown” 

Annette is a Caucasian woman in her early 60’s. Originally from Arkansas, she enjoys the great outdoors. After working as an architect for fifteen years, Annette and her husband (Henry) decided to open their own Away Community. The goals were to provide individuals with lodging in the wilderness so that they can disconnect from the world and be at peace.


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