Incision Fact Sheet

06/6/24 BET+ 

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FILM SYNOPSIS: Medical resident London Pierce adopts a new identity to infiltrate an illegal organ harvesting ring after discovering they are responsible for her sister Crystal's demise. Pursued by a relentless hitman, London must navigate the treacherous criminal underworld to dismantle the operation and save her own life.


  • Director: Dale S. Lewis
  • Writers: Eric Chambers, Arayna Eison
  • Music By: Davix Foreman
  • Composed By: Christopher Paultre
  • Produced by: Forum Creative Studios
  • Executive Producers: Dale S. Lewis, Melissa Llewellyn - Alston 
  • Executive Producers for BET Films: Devin Griffin, Brian Rikuda
  • Co-Executive Producers for BET Films: Lorisa Bates, Marvin Neil 
  • Producers: Melissa Llewellyn - Alston, Dale S. Lewis, Eric Chambers 
  • Co-Producers: Arayna Eason, Nik Goldman
  • Co-Producers for BET Films: John Baldasare, Noelle Broussard  




DR. LONDON PIERCE: Smart, ambitious, compassionate. Third-year medical resident forced to take on a gruesome part-time job to save her sister from being the organization’s next victim. London has the skills to succeed in any field, but some of her choices turn her life upside down, and she has twenty-four hours to make things right.



GIA: Gia poses as a high-class escort that lures unsuspected men into hotel rooms, where she drugs and prepares them for organ retrieval. Gia has a wounded interior, heavily masked by her addiction to money and drugs. She uses her sexually charged fighting prowess to command respect from everyone. Gia is a pawn in the red market's game, but within her role in the organization, she justifies brutal means to an unknown end. Gia will take you into a fantasy world and gut you all within sixty seconds. 



BLAKE: A strong, mysterious alpha male, not much for words, a highly skilled hitman seduced by an escort and drugged into being her next victim in the red market. Blake will stop at nothing with an eye for vengeance to get what is rightfully his and make those who took it pay for their sins. Blake has a romantic connection to London’s sister, Crystal, but that isn’t the biggest secret they are keeping.



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