March 21, Only on BET+

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SERIES PREMIERE DATE: From BET Studios and Khalabo Ink Society, DIARRA FROM DETROIT, the 8-episode straight-to-series original, will premiere on only on BET+ on March 21st. 



DIARRA FROM DETROIT follows a divorcing schoolteacher who refuses to believe she's been ghosted by her rebound Tinder date. Her search for the missing man pulls her into a decades-old mystery involving the Detroit underworld. As the case unfolds, her co-workers, friends, and lovers become unlikely allies as she falls down a dangerous rabbit hole.


  • Network: BET+

  • Studio: BET Studios

  • Creator: Diarra Kilpatrick

  • Director(s): Chioke Nassor, Brennan Shroff, Sadé Clacken Joseph, America Young 

  • Writer(s): Diarra Kilpatrick, Miles Orion Feldsott, Mark Ganek, Jacob Copithorne, Doug Hall, Lisa McQuillan, Esa Lewis, Helen Krieger, Ester Lou

  • Executive Producers: Diarra Kilpatrick, Miles Orion Feldsott, Darren Goldberg, Kenya Barris for Khalabo Ink Society

  • Co-Executive Producers: Ester Lou, Mark Ganek

  • Supervising Producer: Esa Lewis

  • Consulting Producer: Lisa McQuillan, Doug Hall

  • Producer: Erynn Sampson

  • Co-Producers: Helen Kreiger, Dantonio Alvarez

  • Line Producer: Thomas Whelan

  • Music by: Nathan Matthew David

  • Director of Photography: Matt Edwards

  • Music Supervisor: Jabari Ali


DIARRA KILPATRICK as ”Diarra”:  Quirky, witty, and sarcastic. She has a heart of gold but doesn’t suffer fools and can be ill-tempered if provoked. Impulsive, emotional, and in a word -- extra.

MORRIS CHESTNUT as “Francois” aka “Swa”: Handsome and smart. Diarra’s charming yet manipulative ex-husband. A looming presence in her life.

CLAUDIA LOGAN as “Monifa” aka “Moni”:  Growing up, Diarra had a big mouth, but Moni would actually kick your ass, which earned her the nickname “Crazy Moni.” Moni is now married with two kids. She’s a city bus driver who makes you wonder how much they pay bus drivers. Her wigs rival Beyoncé’s. Her nails, ornate. Her jewelry, poppin’. Although they have a tense reunion in the pilot, Moni will eventually become Diarra’s “Dr. Watson.”

DOMINQUE PERRY as “Aja”: Diarra’s ex, Swa, got all their friends after the separation, except Aja. A serial entrepreneur who always has a prayer and a plan. She enjoys the finer things in life and fills her life with black-tie affairs, where she rubs noses with political types. She’s desperate to define her life by the success of her business and not a husband and children.

BRYAN TERRELL CLARK as “Mr. Tea”: A Handsome, ripped member of the LGBTQ+I community. Diarra’s best friend at school. Mostly, he keeps her from going off the deep end.

SHANNON WALLACE as “Chris”: Diarra’s Tinder date. Perhaps her soulmate. After an amazing first date, Diarra’s dream lover mysteriously disappears, setting her on a path of finding the truth about his disappearance at any cost.

JON CHAFFIN as “Danger”: The local hookup man who can get whatever you need, no questions asked. Diarra’s menacing, yet protective neighbor, and leader of small gang. A friend to Diarra, we think. You definitely question his motivations and loyalty...for a good reason.

PHYLICIA RASHAD as “Vonda”: The mother of Deonte, a child who went missing 25 years ago. She’s a mother grieving the loss of her son by living a life that no one understands - waving guns at strangers, making shady deals in alleys and running in and out of crack houses. But is this really who she is? Or who does she want people to think she is? Diarra will soon find out.



DAVID ZAYAS as “Marshall”

HARRY LENNIX as “Walter Harley”

PAUL BEN-VICTOR as “Zervas” 


KASH DOLL as “Maisha” 

JOHN SALLEY as “Tony Kincaid”


JULIO MACIAS as “Young Marshall” 


BET Studios is an unprecedented studio venture launched in September 2021, powered by the infrastructure and financing of BET Media Group and Paramount.  The venture was designed to supply the increased demand for premium content from Black creators across an array of internal buyers, including Paramount+, SHOWTIME, CBS, Nickelodeon, BET+, and BET, in addition to select third-party platforms that seek best-in-class content from both leading and rising Black creatives. 


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