BET+ Fall Programming Preview


October 5

First Lady of BMF: Tonesa Welch Story - NEW FILM (Images, Key Art)

Inspired by a true-life story, Tonesa Welch is a middle-class woman, raised in 1980s Detroit, who becomes seduced by the limelight and adventure of being in the drug game. Tonesa meets H, an older, sophisticated head of a drug organization who gives her a taste of the good life. But when H gets locked up, Tonesa forges a new path with a young, trusted confidante (Southwest T). Together, they build a notorious drug empire that puts Tonesa on a path of crime, drugs, infidelity, deception, and redemption. 


The Impact Atlanta (new episodes weekly) - RETURNING SERIES (Key Art)

In the eight-episode series, these young trendsetters give viewers an all-access pass to their fast-paced lives and the most important events, conversations, and moments happening in the zeitgeist. In an age where social media plays such a key role in business, music, beauty, and fashion, viewers will also get a peek at the creative process, preparation, and deal-making it takes to truly impact the culture.  


October 12

Wake - NEW FILM (Images)

A narcoleptic professor believes she witnessed a murder in her neighbor's home by the hands of a popular rapper.  She becomes obsessed with finding out the truth, and is hell bent on taking him down before he turns his wrath on both her and her friends.

October 19

God's Grace: The Sheila Johnson Story - NEW FILM (Images)

Sheila Marie Johnson had to retire from the Air Force at age 43 after being diagnosed with stage IV metastatic breast cancer. With the emotional support of her father, daughter and best friend, Sheila later goes on to found an advocacy group to support and empower Black women and men diagnosed with the disease.


October 26

The Despaired - NEW FILM (Images)

A grieving mail carrier finds a mysterious letter that resurrects her husband from the dead, with the race against time she must make three sacrifices before he’s banished to the abyss for eternity.


Stay Out - NEW FILM (Images)

Donovan Jones, a businessman who lives in California with his beautiful wife Simone, receives a phone call from an Estate Attorney. She informs him that his aunt Velma and uncle Rufus have passed away and also tells Donovan that he is the sole beneficiary of their estate.

When he travels to rural Georgia to fulfill his aunt and uncle’s wishes, he learns that Rufus was brutally murdered. In life, Rufus and Velma practiced black magic. In death, Rufus will possess and use Donovan as a vessel to murder those who killed him as well as their descendants.


November 2

Kingdom Business: Season 2 (new episodes weekly) - RETURNING SERIES 

(Season 1 Images / Season 1 Key Art)

“Kingdom Business” explores the gospel music industry through the multiple lenses 

of family, faith, love and the redemptive power of music. This season, the scandalous antecedent events of lust, love, and denial have caused a kingdom in chaos! In defense 

of their faith-filled legacy, the Jordan family fights for their gospel record label, their positions in the church, and even their lives. All the while, disgraced gospel phenom, Rbel, struggles to secure justice for Dani and escape her own demons. As family members reunite, new alliances form, and old secrets surface...Rbel searches for answers, and Denita battles to retain her gospel throne. 


November 23

Carl Weber’s The Black Hamptons: Season 2 (new episodes weekly) - RETURNING SERIES (Season 1 Images / Season 1 Key Art)

A family drama set in the quaint town of Sag Harbor known as “The Black Hamptons” follows the lives of the Brittons and the Johnsons where the difference between old money and new money is very apparent. Carl Weber’s “The Black Hamptons” not only features the glitz and gloss of the Black elite, but also exposes the secrets of wealth and prestige. With a mix of legacy families, their friends, wannabes and thirsty developers, drama can never be too far behind. Based on a novel by The New York Times best-selling author Carl Weber, “The Black Hamptons” stars Lamman Rucker, Vanessa Bell Calloway and Elise Neal.