CULVER CITY, CALIF. (March 18, 2015) – Kristin Sausville, a 34-year-old stay-at-home mom from Newark, Del., ended her five-game JEOPARDY! winning streak today, finishing with $94,201 in total prize money.

“I was trying to keep my focus on the game and not the money while I was playing, and was shocked when I was done to realize that I had won over $94,000,” Sausville said. “It still doesn’t seem real. I’ve been a stay at home mom for over seven years – it’s been a while since I’ve earned money!”

Sausville wanted to be on JEOPARDY! since she was young, and she watched with her family every night.

“I remember my mother telling me what a big deal it was to be a five-time JEOPARDY! champion,” she said. “Now I’m one too!”

Performing well on JEOPARDY! runs in Sausville’s family; her husband, Justin Sausville, won six games in 2011 and was a semifinalist in that year’s Tournament of Champions.

“I felt more confident with each game that I won,” she said. “I wouldn’t say that I expected to do so well, but I saw what a wonderful experience my husband Justin had at his Tournament of Champions, so it was very much on my mind that I wanted to put myself in a position where I’d have the potential of having that for myself.”

Sausville says she initially planned to use her winnings for various home improvement projects, however, the amount of money she won has her “considering some bucket list travel ideas, like Antarctica or the South Pacific.”

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