(Hollywood, CA – November 2, 2012) – Dr. Phil will see first-hand why the family life of Khalood, one of his most talked about guests, is in such chaos when he pays an unexpected visit to her home this Monday, November 5, 2012 (check local listings).

During Khalood’s first of three appearances on the DR. PHIL show over the past year, she discussed the battles with son-in-law Steve.  On her second appearance it was revealed that despite her disdain for Steve, she invited him and her daughter Fallon to live in her home in order to keep an eye on them.  The living arrangement created so much tension between mother and daughter that during her third appearance, Khalood actually invited Dr. Phil to spend time in her home.  Her intention was to show Dr. Phil and his viewers that she’s not being “mean” to family, but they are actually the root of the problem. 

Dr. Phil took Khalood up on the offer and made his way to her home in the Detroit suburbs.  He observed that despite all the pleas for Fallon and Steve to move out, Khalood is actually “addicted to the drama” of the constant household chaos. 

During his time there, Dr. Phil will attempt to bring some kind of calm to the chaotic household that not only includes the four adults, but also seven dogs and one ferret!  Khalood is not only looking for Dr. Phil to witness the turmoil, but actually wants an apology from him as well as the show’s viewers who have posted mean messages about her since she first came on the show. 



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