Talent Name
Skye Pelletier


Kip Bellegarde in “Burden of Truth”

 Skye Pelletier stars as Kip Bellegarde in “Burden of Truth.”

 At the age of 12, Pelletier was chosen for a play in school and that’s when he knew he wanted to start a career in acting. Pelletier’s first role was in 2016, in “The Pinkertons,” where he had to learn his lines in Chippewa, since his character didn’t speak English. Pelletier teamed up with Ryan Black in 2016 for the 48hr Film Challenge and went on to win best actor at The Gimli Film Festival. In addition, in 2016 he got the role of Benjamin in the movie “Indian Horse,” and since then has done a few web series and many projects on APTN, including “The Colour of Scar Tissue,” and “Zaasaakwe.” 

 Pelletier was in season three of “Taken” and most recently he was the voice of Chuculaine, in the comic cartoon “Queen Maeve.”

July 2021