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Geffri Maya



Simone Hicks in “All American: Homecoming”


In The CW’s new drama “All American: Homecoming,” Geffri Maya stars as Simone Hicks, the character you know and love from “All American.” She’s now moved to Atlanta to attend Bringston University and start a new life in pursuit of her tennis dreams. While being a student athlete at an elite HBCU and fighting to become a professional tennis player is anything but easy, Simone will learn that there is inspiration and joy in becoming who you are meant to be while surrounded and celebrated by your own. And although she misses those she left behind in Beverly Hills, she finds a new family she hopes to keep at Bringston.


Maya is simultaneously recurring as Simone in “All American.” She also plays Khadijah on the critically acclaimed series “Snowfall.” Additional credits include recurring roles on “Black-ish” and “Private Practice.” She starred as the lead in Brian Tinch’s “Fresh Territory” and “Beast Mode.” Her film credit includes “East of La Brea.” 



































January 2022