Known for delivering immersive reporting from the frontlines of global conflicts, civil uprisings and more, VICE returns with a new slate of groundbreaking stories from its team of global correspondents, including a look at the newest form of methamphetamine and its devastating effect on the country’s homelessness and mental health crisis, an on-the-ground report from embattled Idlib, where a devastating earthquake left the Syrian city reeling, and an exploration at the recent advancements in artificial intelligence, including highly convincing chatbots.   


Each half-hour episode of VICE relentlessly pursues untold stories of social justice, civil rights and identity, tackling complex geopolitical stories from remote parts of the globe. The VICE reporting team includes a diverse group of award-winning journalists, including Hind Hassan, Kirshna Andavolu, Isobel Yeung, Alzo Slade, Paola Ramos, Matthew Cassel, Seb Walker, Alyza Enriquez, Ben C. Solomon, Natashya Gutierrez, David Noriega and Vegas Tenold.

Produced by VICE News, Beverly Chase is the executive producer and showrunner for VICE. Craig Thomson is co-executive producer, and Subrata De is the senior executive producer for the series and EVP of VICE News. Jesse Angelo is President of Global News and Entertainment, VICE Media Group.


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