Pluto TV History

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Keep the past alive with Pluto TV History, where award-winning docs and shows will educate and entertain you on all the great moments of human history.


Smithsonian Channel Selects

Explore America and the world as it’s never been seen before with Smithsonian Channel Selects on Pluto TV. From the breathtaking Aerial America to the dramatic Civil War 360, you’ll find the most popular, award-winning, non-fiction series, all here on Pluto TV.


Pluto TV Military

March along with Pluto TV Military for documentaries, series and movies on the weaponry and technology behind humanity’s biggest conflicts. This is the channel for all those who have served, and everyone who honors them.


Pluto TV Cars

Hit the road with Pluto TV Cars. This is the channel for those driven by a passion for classic cars and modern motors. It’s for the car lovers who will never forget the first time they adjusted their rear-view mirrors and looked out at the open road.


Pluto TV Animals

Whether it growls, hisses or hoots, you’ll find it on Pluto TV Animals. If you love animals, you’ll love this channel, so ‘paws’ whatever you’re doing and tune into the wild animals, friendly pets, and every creature in between on Pluto TV Animals.


Pluto TV Paranormal

Do you believe there’s more out there than meets the eye? Explore the unknown on Pluto TV Paranormal, featuring films and series on alien encounters, psychic phenomenon, hidden conspiracies and other things that defy explanation.


Pluto TV Science

From the depths of the ocean to the distant cosmos, be inspired by crazy experiments, unbelievable science facts, and talks from famous scientists on Pluto TV Science.


Pluto TV Travel

Pluto TV Travel is your ticket to the world’s most exotic destinations. Come along as we explore the deepest oceans, the tallest mountains, and everywhere in between on this exhilarating channel!


Voyager Documentaries

Science lovers, nature and history buffs: this is your channel! Voyager Documentaries takes you into Earth’s wildest corners, the forbidding realms of deep space, and the dramatic turning points of history.



If you love anything with a motor, Chassy is your channel! Chassy Media and Adam Carolla present award-winning documentaries, films and TV shows in the world of motor sports... With a splash of comedy to keep you smiling.



Naturescape offers you an escape to a world of stunning nature scenes, all set to peaceful soundtracks. Relax to a crackling fireplace, soar over a tropical paradise, or get inspired by a sparkling night sky, all from the comfort of home.



Loupe is the leading streaming art experience representing artists from around the world. View stunning hi-res visuals alongside music for tranquil days and evenings at home, lively décor for parties or the ‘late night’ state of mind.


Slow TV

“Slow TV” is the marathon watching experience about ordinary events in their natural slow pace. The original way to “binge watch”, see how Slow TV captivates.