The Only explores the inspirational glory, historic legacy and deeply dark corners of a U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame goalkeeper who not only stood alone on the field, but throughout some of the most challenging times of her life. In her own words and the words of those who know her best, this documentary tells the story of how Briana Scurry overcame racism, homophobia and being overlooked at the time of her greatest triumph, to stand tall in a sports landscape that could not fully embrace her. Follow her journey, from humble beginnings to the edge of suicide and redemption in this revealing film from the producers of the Emmy Winning 2011 Documentary “A Game of Honor” and the Emmy Nominated 2013 Documentary “LT: The Life & Times”.

The Only girl on a boy’s team, The Only Black starter on the legendary U.S. 1999 Women’s World Cup winning team, and The Only openly gay player when discrimination forced so many teammates to hide their sexuality, Scurry’s is a story of success against incalculable odds.  

Scurry was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, just blocks from where George Floyd would be gunned down many years later. She later became an investor in the 2021 NWSL champion Washington Spirit. In between, Scurry became an All-America at UMass, won the 1999 World Cup and won 2 Olympic gold medals. She also saved the penalty kick in the 1999 World Cup final shootout that was the difference between the United States winning and losing – yet lives with the knowledge that Brandi Chastain’s iconic shirt waving celebration has left her feat overlooked. Then at the height of her powers, Scurry suffered a career-ending concussion during a game that sent her into an emotional spiral that left her standing on a ledge ready to commit suicide.  

The Only… provides a unique autobiographical account of the life of a sports pioneer, one that faced and overcame adversity upon adversity to triumph on the field and off it. 


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