GRAVE INJUSTICE – Scott Pelley speaks with residents and archeologists about lost graves from African American cemeteries in Clearwater, Florida and follows their efforts as they excavate erased graveyards to help reclaim history. They describe how they plan to keep digging for truth in more of America’s forgotten sites. Nicole Young and Kristin Steve are the producers. 

SURVIVAL OF THE FRIENDLIEST – Anderson Cooper reports on the links between dog and human evolution and explores how dogs diverged from wolves and developed what one geneticist calls "friendliness mutations." Those mutations are found in the same genes that are deleted in some people with a condition called Williams Syndrome. Denise Schrier Cetta is the producer. 

COMPARATIVE ONCOLOGY – Anderson Cooper reports some of the most promising genetic research in dogs and people involves cancer. In a growing field called Comparative Oncology, scientists, physicians, and veterinarians team up to study and treat similar cancers in pet dogs and people. They are using what they learn to speed potentially lifesaving treatments to both species. Denise Schrier Cetta is the producer. 

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